There are
some places …

There are some places which seem to have an eternal soul, transmitted down the ages, from one occupier to another. Certain individuals have the gift of giving free rein to the spirit present within those walls, of respecting the building’s unique character, listening to the echoes of its past, reading the lines of its own story. This is true of the lucky occupiers of La Divine Comédie, who have devoted themselves, heart and soul, to breathing life into one of Avignon’s most spectacular private residences, using their creative talents and impeccable artistic taste to bring out the very best in every inch of the 2,600 m2 space.

La Divine Comédie is, first and foremost, a garden to be found behind high walls. Catch your first glimpse from the outside, as the gentle breeze stirs the leaves of the ancient plane trees, hinting at this oasis of calm, right in the city centre.

The light and airy house can be seen through the open gate, inviting and casting a spell over its visitors, who can all too easily fall in love with its

mysterious, mesmerising charm.


The garden and the house come together to tell an enchanting, enticing tale of discovery and pleasure. Pass through the open doors to enjoy the hedonistic pleasures of La Divine Comédie, a dreamlike, but very real, paradise.

This hidden, almost secret, gem offers huge rewards to those who take the time to seek it out! What a reward once you open the entrance door.