The suites


More than simple hotel rooms, the suites at La Divine Comédie take visitors on a journey... !

Travel through time, through art history, and through the history of Avignon, a medieval hub and erstwhile home of the papacy.


Designed by Gilles Jauffret, a renowned interior decorator, our five suites offer the perfect blend of comfort, elegance and sophistication. Each detail has been carefully thought out: colours, patterns, fabrics, ornaments and more.

Each suite has its own distinct personality – and you’re certain to find one that’s just right for you!


Follow your intuition, or let your experienced hosts guide you in your choice, making your stay at La Divine Comédie the stuff of dreams.



All suites at La Divine Comédie are located on the upper floor.

On your arrival, the team will be happy to take your luggage up to your room.

La Divine Comédie has no ground-floor rooms, and no elevator.


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