Our house

Our house

La Divine Comédie welcomes you all year round to the intimacy of its home. A true "maison d'hôte", you'll receive a simple, friendly welcome. La Divine Comédie story began with Gilles & Amaury... who created the house... and then Béatrice & Olivier who fell in love with it and took up the torch in 2022...

Around them... a divine team of enthusiasts: committed, available, smiling, attentive, caring, a joyful cocktail of polyglots, bi-nationals, Provençals, Alsatians, lovers of beer, whisky, wine, rum, passionate about cooking, truffles, Côtes du Rhône, graduates in political science or hotel management, pipe smokers, musicians.. we'll tell you more...

At the helm, we have Dominique... Between La Divine and Dominique, it's the story of a shared encounter... first with Béatrice and then with the house... the charm sets in...

At her side, two teams: the cheerful reception and concierge team: their role, in a word, is to PAMPER you, and the house team: headed by our invaluable housekeeper Virginie.
La Divine Comédie is not a 5-star hotel, but a guest house where you can feel at home. The 'luxury' here is to enjoy this haven of peace, right in the heart of Avignon, with its magnificent garden, available lounges and discreet staff.
Because we are not a 5-star luxury hotel, certain services are not offered, such as a blanket service, for example... but it is possible to book a room in advance.

La Divine Comédie - Wellness Area

Our customers say it best…

The House...

"Incredible, fabulous, a bubble of luxury in the heart of Avignon",
"A magnificent house loaded with history"
"A place of dreams where every detail is designed to delight" "Elegant and original decor that you won't find anywhere else" "Paradise, absolute perfection in a magical place"
"Refinement in every detail and harmony of the whole"...

An Experience...

‘"A magical interlude"
"Total luxury in the center of the city"
"A moment of peace"
"A delight for the Five Senses"
"A life experience in an "heightened" version"
"Words struggle to express the joy that your magnificent world has brought us"
"Thank you for allowing us to create such beautiful memories"
"La Divine Comedie is an enchantment"

The Garden..

"The garden won't leave you indifferent either"
"The wonderful shade of the plane trees"
"A garden like an oasis that welcomes you at the end of the day"
"In the garden too, you don't know where to turn, so beautiful is what surrounds you",
"Luxuriant vegetation combining the most beautiful species of the South"
"A canopy that protects you from the sun"...

La Divine Comédie - Le jardin
La Divine Comédie - Wellness Area